Naughty Monk Brewery

A brewery and restaurant in Lakewood Ranch, Florida serving Belgian-inspired beers and Atypical Kitchen BBQ/Barbeque.


NMB Group PhotoA few years back while on a tour of Belgian breweries our small plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Senne Valley region just south of Brussels. Three of us had sustained minor injuries from the hard landing and required some medical attention. We were helped by some local villagers to a small monastery about a mile from where we landed. There we happened upon a freaky little friar named Fritz. While we were being cared after, Fritz told us his life story, being abandoned by his mother (a magical Pixie) and his father (a wayward Trappist Monk name La Salle who left the ministry and beer making to become an explorer). He was orphaned and left at the monastery to be raised by monks. The years pass by and Fritz learned the art of making fine Belgium beers. And, as is the tradition with monks, Fritz loved sharing his incredible beers with us, the needy.

One night while drinking quite heavily, Fritz confided to us that his passion for beer and his lack of discipline would always keep him from rising in the ranks at the church, and that his naughty nature would keep him from ever being Head Brewmaster at the monastery. So the four of us decided to open a Brewery back in America and that we would call it the “Naughty Monk Brewery”. We brought Fritz with us, and we keep him hidden in the brewery, and here he brews beer, creates recipes, stalks the female employees and loves to play practical jokes on everyone. So keep a close eye out! You never know exactly where you will find Freaky Fritz!

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